Every Baby Is Different [BabyDaddy Day 17]

People can be quite judgmental about parents

  • I can't believe they are using a pacifier
  • I can't believe they are supplementing with formula
  • I can't believe that kid is so hairy
  • I can't believe that father is so handsome with such a great body

When Obadiah is crying or fussy, I often apply advice I'm given from other parents. It typically doesn't work. Sometimes it does, but more of than not, it doesn't. I've learned that every child is different and the same techniques don't work for everyone. Even parents with two children attempt totally different techniques because what used to work doesn't anymore. 

Give parents a break if you don't like what you're seeing. 

Let's take that a little further, give your parents a break for maybe not being all that you thought they should have been. Parenting is hard, and people, for the most part, do what they can with what they have. Even your parents need grace. I'm not saying they deserve a "get out of jail" card for everything they did, but maybe give them a little more slack than you're used to giving--you'll want it when you become a parent. 

Parenting is a moving target. Obadiah is learning us and we're learning him. 

I know I'm not going to do everything perfect.

So stop judging me for letting my son pee in his own eye that one day (whether it was intentional or intentional, I'll never tell).