Hidden War Stories [BabyDaddy Day 21]

Every parent I've met has a painful story about raising a child. 

I've heard stories that make me feel guilty for venting about my situation. Even parents who seem to have it all together, resonate with moments of total breakdown. 

  • "There are so many times I just broke down crying"
  • "Sometimes I just walked away from my baby because I didn't want to shake her"
  • "I was on bed rest for months"
  • "My child stayed in the hospital for two months after being born"

We all have these "war" stories, yet I didn't hear about them until I shared my own. People are very willing to comfort, but from my experience, most parents are not willing to be vulnerable or transparent until someone else takes the first step. Maybe it's to protect our image and project strength or simply not be a burden. 

I wish I would have known more of the war stories of the people around me as the war waged. I could have played a comforting and supporting role. When I share about my challenging situations, whether on a blog or in person, I've found people more than willing to listen, assist, and pray--it's heart wrenching to know many new parents could have received this kind of love, but didn't. 

If only more people were willing to be vulnerable and transparent before the victory finalized, we'd all have more opportunities to give and receive love. 

Sharing your story in the midst of the battle gives someone the chance to help you.

Sharing our story and pain has opened the doors for amazing relationships--I'll share more on that later.