Diaper Blowout [BabyDaddy Day 25]

There's no good way to clean poop out of socks--another lesson I never wanted to learn. 

Who poops so hard socks get dirty? My son.

We took Obi to the mall after attending a good friday service today. Wearing our church best, Obi and I looked exceptionally good. Even in front of my wife, female strangers literally swooned. 

More for Obi than me. 

All the time girls swooned over him, he had a little smirk on his face. In the midst of a new environment, chaotic noise and bright lights, Obi seemed calm--a little too calm.

The calmness turned to crying and crying turned to crapping his pants (and socks).

For the first time, I took Obi to the family bathroom and placed him on the changing table. I opened his diaper, and witnessed a grieving amount of poop. 

It was everywhere. Leaking through his diaper, in and down the pant legs, filling his socks. I even smelled it in his hair. 

Obi spent the rest of his time at the mall without pants. 

Have your kids ever had significant poops?