Dad Brain [BabyDaddy Day 26]

I've heard of mommy brain. Running around forgetting things, saying words out of order, crying at a moments notice--mommy brain. 

I did not, however, know about daddy brain.

Today, I took 5 trips to buy food for Easter lunch. Round 1 meant going to 3 different groceries stores. During this time, Obadiah got a little fussy, and I tried my best to calm him down (see the blog about being embarrassed about my son). I hate grocery shopping--add a crying baby to the mix and it's pretty horrible. 

Finally, I get home and I realize I only bought 1 out of the 9 things I needed. 

I go back to the grocery stores, forget more stuff. Turn around, buy more stuff. Realize I can't get it at the store I'm at, so I go to another grocery store and can't find everything I need. 

By the end of the night, it got so bad, I ended up making my own pomegranate molasses at 10pm--daddy brain.

I feel like my brain is not fully functioning during the one time in my life i've been entrusted to take care of an entirely vulnerable human life. I feel like I'm thinking slow as molasses and tonight proved it. 

Have you had mommy or daddy brain before?