Projectile Vomit [BabyDaddy Day 27]

Yesterday, I held Obi upside down and he peed on both of us. My prayer is this is not a taste of things to come (not that I tasted it) in the realm of vomit.  

In public, I hold Obi facing away from me. Why? Because I don't want him to spit up on me. I especially don't want him to projectile vomit on me. 

Wherever I rest his face, the burp rag disappears and a white milky wet stain appears. I fear how he may level up into projectile vomit territory. 

Now, if I face him, get him in a nice outfit or hold him upside-down, I'm afraid of what he's going to produce. I fear my son. I'm already imagining holding him upside down, playing airplane with my mouth open and receiving his food like a baby bird. 

When and if that day comes, I don't know how to train him to stop.

Spitting in his face?

Making him eat whatever he spits up?

Rubbing his nose in it? 

Obi, just be a spitting image of me instead of spitting on my image, so I don't have do anything weird. Thanks. 

What's your spit up or vomit baby story? Leave a comment--that's half the fun of this blog!