Keeping me Active [BabyDaddy Day 28]

Babies are nature's free weights. 

Whereas I used to be sore after holding a baby 30 minutes, I can carry him for hours without breaking a sweat now. Three days ago, I brought him to the mall and forgot a stroller. I carried him around, and watched my muscles grow--my body is going from glory to glory. 

Before Obi, I could be as lazy as I wanted. I could watch movie marathons, read books all day, and other human activities. These days it almost takes more work to be lazy. Watching Netflix now means pausing the show at least every 4 minutes. You just kind of keep pushing through hoping you don't collapse--always moving, always wondering what to do next. As soon as I sit down, I'm up again.

  • Obi likes being lifted up and down continually for great lengths of time. 
  • Obi loves it when I walk around with him (this is great for my fitbit pedometer)
  • Obi loves it when I am tired and getting more and more exhausted and hating life

A great benefit is all these activities are great for fitness. Having a child is keeping me young and healthy. Yesterday, I walked 13,000 steps.

Now instead of paying for my planet fitness membership and not exercising at all with it, I'm paying for my membership and getting exercise at home. 

Parents, have you found ways to be lazy while taking care of a baby?