Baby Greg [BabyDaddy Day 6]

For 9 months during the pregnancy, we called our son, "Baby Greg."

Calling him Obadiah felt a little strange for the first week. For months, our community rallied around this name. Amreitha hated the name, but soon her family called him by that name. Strangers who followed us online prayed for Baby Greg. 

Then, he was born, and I needed to resonate with the name Obadiah. 

Why did we name him Obadiah Light?

Obadiah means "servant or worshiper of God." This name felt right. I prayed about it for awhile and one night I woke up at 3am and felt like the LORD gave me a prophesy for my son concerning his name. This confirmed to me Amreitha and I landed on the correct name after brainstorming hundreds. 

Light is basically a shoutout to myself because Pradeepan means light.  That and we believe Obadiah will be a light and a carrier of God's light for the world. 

Obadiah Light Jeeva.