Raising Money for a Church Plant [500k Day 1]

Happy Blogrimage! 

Over the next 30 days, I'm attempting to raise $500,000 to plant Kalos Church on the Eastside of Seattle, Washington in a city called Bellevue. Church planting has been a dream the LORD spoke to me since college over 10 years ago. During a 40 day water fast and losing 32 pounds, I felt like the LORD spoke to me plant this church with my wife in 2017.

Here's a video we made about Kalos Church:


1 month ago, we left my stable pastoring job with an amazing community and moved to the Pacific Northwest. Things here are about twice as expensive and we now have half the income (I lost my job by moving). Right now, we're living off our savings and feel the urgency of raising this financial support. 

We picked the amount $500,000 to accommodate a large launch model. We want to launch with over 200 people at our first service. This means spending money on promotion, buying equipment and renting a venue. 

The area we are living in is incredibly expensive. We live 15 minutes away from the richest man on Earth! 

For example, a church in the area is leasing their building for $75,000/month! This place is expensive and if we are going to launch large we are going to need at least $500,000. When you consider that this is the most unchurched area in America, how expensive it is, and us moving here without a network, we think this fundraising goal is pretty modest (though it feels like a ton). 

So far, we've raised approximately $60,000. That means we have a long ways to go, but I believe with God's grace and hard work, we can do it. 

So for the next 30 days, I'm going to try to raise this money. On this Blogrimage, I'll bring you along my journey. 

Here are my strategic goals:

  • Contact 830 people about giving
  • Recruit 300 people to give $30/month
  • Empower my online community to share this goal and recruit their networks
  • Make a Fundraising Video for the $30/month ask
  • Contact and apply for Church Networks to support us (ARC, LINC, WE, Etc)

Please pray for us and ask God if you should help us plant a church by financially supporting us :)

- Pradeepan