Many hands [500k Day 12]

"Many hands makes light work" is an old proverb about the power of collaboration.

Fundraising is soul crushing work, but doing this with 7 people has made this journey very much more enjoyable--and lighter. When one of us discouraged, another one of us is on mountain top. Maybe one of us got rejected or ignored 20 times today, but because of someone's one success story, we all feel a little more encouraged. 

Already so many people have come out of the woodwork to lend us a helping hand. People who have fundraised thousands upon thousands of dollars are taking hours out of their day to walk us through the process that worked for them. Others have connected us with friends and family who are interested in helping out. We've gotten way further because of the support of our community.

And, having 6 others who are blogging this fundraising journey, provides us all with great strength. 

It's hard work, but it would have been much harder alone. 

 Thank you for all who are investing in this journey.