St. Patrick [500K Day 17]

10 years ago, I wrote my Bible school senior paper on St. Patrick. Specifically, I wrote about him turning a country, deemed unreachable by the church, into a primarily Christian nation. 

The Pacific Northwest, where we live now, is the most unchurched region in America. Many people have warned us about starting a church here. Because this area hasn't been eager to receive the Gospel, the expenses are so high, and people are doing their own thing, we need not plant in this area. Our church won't be as large as it could be in the midwest or south.

These reasons are primarily why I want to be in this area--it's the most unchurched area in America. There is a need. As we're talking with people, we're seeing God open amazing doors. I'm so happy to talk to people who have no context for how beautiful the Gospel is--people just like I was. St. Patrick escaped slavery by the Irish people, and then felt God called him back to that area to spread the Gospel. So, he returned to his former enslavers and ministered the Gospel. Now, our sacrifice isn't as intense as his, but I do hope to see God move in amazing ways.

I'm so glad the Gospel was presented to me, and I can't wait to hear all the stories of people we'll reach in the future. 

Now, so this sounds like a fundraising blog, let me say that I hope we find a leprechaun's treasure. That would be golden. 

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