If it's His will, God will pay the bill [500k Day 19]

Today we met a family who said they were interested in Kalos and wanted to eat lunch with us. At lunch in this amazing Chinese restaurant, where they give you trays of food from the moment you sit down and more keeps coming until you stop it, the father of the family said something I've never heard before:

"If it's His will, God will pay the Bill"

I've heard in the past, "where God guides He provides" and other rhyming sayings, but never this one. If something rhymes, I tend to believe it. In fact, I came up with my own saying:

"If it rhymes, it's true for all times."

Ultimately, even though we're doing our best to raise $500,000 to support us over 3 years, this is a faith journey. We are believing that we will raise enough money so that we can have a good start in reaching this city. As we are doing our part, we are trusting in God to take care of the rest. 

If you'd like to give, and I hope you do, please visit http://www.kalos.church/give