Last Business Week! [500K Day 26]

Going into the last Monday of the Blogrimage! 

Technically, it's not the last full business week. The blogrimage ends on Thursday. We're really hoping that all the people who have committed come through this week. Not only that, we're hoping that more people sign up to support Kalos Church. Overall, we're having a blast with this process. In preparation, many church planters told us planting is the worst thing ever. Don't get me wrong, we're going through low lows and high highs, but overall this is an amazing adventure. There's nothing else I'd rather being doing.

As grueling as fundraising may be, the reward of seeing people commit to advance the Kingdom of God is amazing. So many new relationships and heart moving gestures from people. 

Today, we met three new pastors. One of them, who has church planted a lot, asked us to consider joining his church planting network. Oddly enough, his church is called Cornerstone (the same name of the church I worked at for the last 5 years). If we weren't actively networking, recruiting and fundraising, there's probably 15 incredible leaders I wouldn't have met. I'm thankful for this process!