A Big Risk [500k Day 3]

If I don't raise enough money by the end of March, I'm going to work a job. Most likely teaching English online to China. 

Taking the leap to church plant, leaving my income and moving to a much more expensive city is a big risk. Financially, some might say it's irresponsible. My son just turned one, we're cutting into our savings and we're not growing our retirement plan like we should. Our dreams of owning a home seem almost impossible in this area (houses are about ten times as expensive here than where we came from). 

As with being a man of faith, but also wanting to be responsible with my family, I have a back up plan. And this back up plan really is bringing my feet to the fire. 

If, by the end of March, we aren't financially in a healthy place (to the point where I can start getting a salary), I am going to get another job outside of the stresses of planting a church. This is called bi-vocational ministry. As far as church planting is concerned, the percentage of a new church breaking the 200 people barrier is much lower for bi-vocational ministries. Think about how hard it is to grow a church in general, let alone in a new area, but with doing that on top of an outside job, it means potentially working a lot less on the plant and reaching less people. 

Many amazing church planters are bi-vocational. There are certain advantages to it. It gives you an easy connection point in the community, it reduces the financial strain of the plant, and it let's people know that you are working and volunteering just like them. Now, If I had more passive income, this would be a lot easier. Unfortunately, I don't have passive income--I'm at a place where I trade time for money. One day, I hope to change that with books and other services. Even with all these advantages, it means less time developing Kalos Church. 

Plainly speaking, I am taking my family on a high risk faith journey, but I don't want to sacrifice them on the altar of church planting. At the end of the day, I want my family to be able to eat, sleep indoors, and live life. For me to be a good man of God to my family, I have to consider this back up plan even if that doesn't make me look as faith filled. 

Even as we step out in faith, I am confident that the body of Christ will help us move forward. Already, many amazing people are making this possible and I'm incredibly grateful.