Done but not done [500K DAY 30]

It's been 30 days since we started and it's done, but it's not completely done. 

We've fundraised our hearts out. So many messages, calls, texts and awkward conversations. Did we raise $500,000? Nope! Did we raise a lot of money? Yes! 

In fact, tomorrow on Social media (@kaloschurch), we're unveiling a miracle story that's the equivalent of raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. I can't wait to share!

After all this time working to raise money in order to make known the beauty of Jesus, I am greatly encouraged. Thank you all for following along on our journey!

We're done, but we still have a long ways to go for reaching our goal. Thankful for all who have helped, and we'll be having a lot more private conversations as we get closer to launch date. 

If you want to give, please visit 

We could use the help!