Feeling the Love [500k Day 4]

I've been on the ground here for one month, and already three local churches have asked If I would come and speak at their services, receive prayer, an offering and any assistance we need! Those same three have told us, "we want to tell our congregation after they hear you speak that if they feel like they should leave our church to plant with yours that they should." This is crazy. This is so generous! Definitely feeling the love locally as we plant a church.

We haven't felt a hint of territorialism in the area at all! 

In fact, we just came back from two church events we got invited to. In the first event, the pastor asked me to stand up, and then he told them about our church plant and encouraged people to talk to us if they want to join. 

The person who set up our online giving from Tithe.ly lives in the area, and his giving towards our church plant too! He plans on coming to our launch service! How crazy is that? By the way, please sign up to give $30/month with Tithe.ly at http://www.kalos.church :)

And just a few hours ago, we got back from seeing HIllsong Young and Free and hung out with all the pastors at the City Church because the downtown campus pastor wanted us to make more connections with leaders from all over the region. I love the Church! We already have so many friends in this area because of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Can't wait to reach more people as we participate in the great commission as the church of Seattle.