The Awkward Ask [500k Day 5]

A lot of people say, "Wow, you're church planting! Is there anything I can do to help?"

And when I say, "That's so kind! Actually, we are looking to recruit 300 people to support us $30/month. Would you like to sign up?" things get weird. 

What is it about asking for money that makes things so uncomfortable? Yet through the discomfort, we keep asking because we know this is a small price to pay compared to the great reward of seeing people experience the life transformation that comes from following Jesus. 

It is difficult to be on the asking end for long amounts of time. I don't want to primarily use social media for a big ask--in all honesty, I want to spend time adding value to people's lives. For this season, however, it's necessary that we do this hard work. We're paving the way for generations to know Jesus and generations of ministers yet to come. I can't wait for the days when Kalos Church can give abundantly more than any church planter asks for and  give generously in order to take care of the orphan and the poor.

For all of those who are given the awkward ask from us, please have grace--it's awkward for us too!