Chick-fil-A Reached out! [500k Day 8]

Yesterday, I reached out to the /Christianity page on Reddit. This is a community of 120,000 Christians from all kinds of backgrounds. 

With that big of an audience, I got a lot of responses--primarily naysayers. 

"One more simply dilutes the pool and makes all the other churches a little less viable."
"be gone with your money. i have no need of it."
"Are you doing this in your own strength? Pray to God, if he wants this to happen, he will get behind it and make it happen. Otherwise your wasting your time."

Reddit is a community known for intellectualism and trolling. It's the front door of the internet with a lot of anonymous contributors. At the same time, there were a few wonderful responses.

One of them was from Chick-Fil-A!

I got a private message from the general manager of Chick-fil-A last night! He said that this task of planting a church seems really daunting, and he would like to help us out. He's willing to introduce us to local businesses and asked me to let him know if there's anything they can do for Kalos Church!

For all the rejections and trolling, this was a huge boost of encouragement! Chick-fil-A got major points with this! 

We took a shot in the dark, and it payed off! Praise God!