Help from the guys [HOMEMAKER DAY 17]

Had some of the guys come over to look at the structure. They realized this project was much cooler than they’d originally imagined. There excitement excites me, and I think we’ll be hanging out in this thing during the summer. 

They gave me some ideas on how to build this thing. We scheduled a build day for next week. Before then, I need to gather about 16 more pallets and buy some supplies (screws, vinyl, etc).

They gave me some great thoughts on ways I can build this. 

We talked about wrapping the whole thing with a came or canvas tarp, bracing the tree with ratchet (hammock) straps, and ideal ways to roof.

I’ve realized that I don’t really want to over complicated this. I want it to feel like a kid’s fort and not a a polished home (I already have one of those!).