I struggle with Ikea [HOMEMAKER DAY 2]

Since I don't have a history of building, I need a lot of help. During my Elementary school years, I designed, cut and engineered some plywood to transform my bike into a helicopter. Gears made out of wood, a propeller made out of wood, and whole lot of ingenuity went into the making of my helicopter bike. For sure, I thought it would fly. It never flew, but my dreams of being handy did fly far into 2018 and into this Blogrimage. 

Anyways, I need lots of help. I struggle with assembling Ikea products. I've asked a couple of people for help with planning, documenting, and resourcing tools. Yesterday, a young man whom I've mentored since he was a pre-teen just got engaged! He, and his now fiance, helped me start a church in Washington. At the engagement party, a lot of people offered to help with this housing project. By the end of the party, these guys pointed me in the direction of pallets, tools, and a game-plan for building a solid foundation. I'm really excited and relieved by their help!

The first half of my blogrimage posts probably won't have a lot of exciting updates because I need to figure out exactly what I'm doing. I'll keep you updated, and hopefully you all can help me make this project even better. 

Tomorrow, I'll show some pictures of my inspiration!