Church [Autism + Nala 9/30]

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Not only does Obi have advocates at school, he has a whole church community (that he helped start) fighting for him. A year and a half ago, we started Kalos Church in a comedy club (no joke) on the Eastside of Seattle (Bellevue). This community of strangers quickly became family (setting and tearing down every Sunday will do that) and carried us.

The dream of starting a Kalos Church primarily began with wanting to help people. Little did we know how much our church would help us. From food, rides, babysitting, advice, and kind words to just having fun together, Kalos Church has been a life support to us and Obi.

I love leading a church we can be part of. Even if we didn’t lead Kalos, they’d still be my people.

If you’re not part of a church community, you’re missing out.

It can be hard to participate in a church community—I know what it’s like to have church-hurt. After serving in a pastoral role, I quit church gatherings for over two years because of deep hurt. Since then, and as a pastor again, I’ve learned to judge things by the ideal and not the imperfections. Yeah, lots of churches mess up, but the ideal of community, purpose, compassion and love is worth fighting for. That understanding brought me back to trusting a Jesus centered community and my whole family is better for it.

Thank you Church for be a blessing to us.