Why share now? [Autism + Nala 2/30]


We waited 6 months to publicly share about Obi’s ASD diagnosis. It’s a big deal. Since we posted two days ago, hundreds of people have responded with love, encouragement and prayers. If you are one of them, thank you so much!

A few parents also reached out to let us know they are privately dealing with the same diagnosis with their children and are not ready to share yet. It’s a big deal to share something like this, and I completely understand why some might not be ready to share yet…or at all.

I wanted to share our journey for a couple of reasons.

First, I hate concealing matters heavy on my heart. If I’m obsessed about something, I want to share it—that’s probably why I’m a preacher.

Second, (I say this point hesitantly), I want to get advice and help from others. I’ve learned a lot from discussion boards, overhearing conversations, and if there’s something out there that will help Obi, I want it. I’m hesitant because I might be opening up a can of crazy advice worms.

Third, I want people to know that, if they are dealing with something like this, they are not alone. I want to be a blessing to others—sharing advice, experience, and comfort. Too often, we think we are alone and the only one dealing with a specific issue. Then, we realize someone else understands how we think and we feel a little less alone. I hope I can be that for someone else.

If you have advice or need advice, let me know in a considerate way!