Hard to Pray [Autism + Nala 4/30]


Amreitha and I sing a song, kiss and pray for Obi every night. We’ve prayed for him daily before he was even born.

Yet, with all those prayers, he still faced difficulties and setbacks (just like most kids). In other areas of my life, I saw God directly answer so many prayers. We started a church in Seattle, experienced so many stories of life change, saw miraculous financial provision and even witnessed physical healings, Yet, our son kept on losing language, eye contact and his ability to engage. I’d exchange one thousand of those answered prayers for for my son’s health.

We still pray, but it’s hard. There’s no guarantee things work out how we want or when we want. Even so, we’ve learned to pray hardest when it’s hard to pray. And I pray that the Lord’s will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven. We all stand in between the already and not yet. Jesus defeated death on the cross, but Christians are called to enforce that victory until one day every tear is wiped away. Until that day, I’ll keep praying hard.