Uncomfortable Situations [Book Blogrimage 7/30]


I'm not sure this will make the book, but i wrote it anyways.

Writing when you don't feel like anything is good must be a critical skill for non genius feeling people to write books.


Today's Excerpt:

A person in control of his or her uncomfortable situations can use it as an advantage. For example, If I grab friend’s leg and cling on to it as a little child would, it’s usually shocking at first, but then it goes through a few transitions. If I am confident while grabbing the leg, the circumstance transitions from shocking to uncomfortable. The person says, “What are you doing? Why are you holding my leg?” and if you are friends and keeping holding the leg, the next response might be, “very funny. Now let Go.” Meanwhile, someone else watching from afar, sees everything and is quite amused by the entire scenario. Once the far away person is scene laughing, the person I am holding starts laughing and so do I. The circumstance is so uncomfortable it has become entertaining. And being in control of the situation lets a person get away with actions otherwise unacceptable. 

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