Watch Me Make a Day's Amount of Food in 10 Minutes [Soylent Blogrimage 9/30]

Video: Preparing one day's worth of food

This is how I prepare my food. I made 15 meals in less than 30 minutes. Pretty good. 

Here are the Steps

Step 1: Gather all your ingredients from local stores or the internet

Step 2: Measure each ingredient on a food scale in a separate bowl (recipe found here)

Step 3: Put Individual ingredients into a plastic bag

Step 4: Shake contents together

That's all I do to prepare the meals. Then, I simply add water to whatever I want to consume the Soylent in. 


  • Soylent is very inconvenient
  • Used to going without meals
  • Energy is fine
  • Clarity of mind is great
  • Constantly using will power is stressing me out