FINAL? [stand up comedy BLOGRMAGE: DAY 30]

Even though it's the 30th day, this BLOGRIMAGE is not over.

I want to perform some of my new material.


1. Stand up Comedy is Hard
2. The hardest part is writing
3. The second hardest is getting gigs at legit places
4. Observation is the key to writing
5. Real life funny does not always translate to stage funny
6. Too many people depend on crude humor for easy laughs
7. Writing gets easier the more it is done
8. Bounce ideas off of real people
9. Material being funny to you is more important than it being funny to others
10. Be disciplined


Yesterday at family time, I once again realized how humor is natural over the dinner table. Every once in awhile, my family asked me if I was practicing new stand up material. Upon hearing that question, I immediately wished I had my Moleskin and pen.

The comics life is always observant.

If anything, this BLOGRIMAGE is helping me to observe the world with witty eyes. Another thing I'm learning is how to rewrite stories so that they are funny. My ten minute stories often go down to 1 minute after revisions, which is kind of sad but the nature of stand up comedy.

Here are some more photos I edited!

BUMMER [stand up comedy BLOGRMAGE: DAY 28]

This is the second week in a row I did not make the stand up comedy list. The frustrating thing is that there is no system or communication in place to inform me on what the problem is. Did I not perform well enough? Is their a process to earn a second spot? Did I do something wrong? These are the kind of questions I am asking. The manager, from what people have told me, is not friendly with comedians so that puts a stop to aggressively gaining a timeslot.

Oh well. This just means I should focus on other comedy spots. There is an open mike everyday of the week in Minnesota. Not all of them are ideal venues like the one I've been weekly attending, but I can't be pick when it comes to experience. The simple act of practicing, performing and writing material will grow me into a better comedian. Simply waiting for the best opportunities will deny me of the exponential growth of regular practice.

A copy of what my set would have been is posted above.


FASHION [stand up comedy BLOGRMAGE: DAY 24-27]


Sorry I haven't blogged about comedy the last few days. I've been busy with fashion photography and some other side pilgrimages (a blogrimage without the blog) I've been doing!

I'm doing an open mike tomorrow (hopefully)!

Saturday was a big photography day. I worked with the Former Miss Teen USA MN (pictures posted below) and then did runway photography for a magazine later that night (video above).

All in all, it was a bunch of new experiences for me. I've never been to a runway show, and like with comedy, got introduced to a whole new subculture. I love new experiences like that.

There are whole worlds of society I have no idea about.

Seeing fresh experiences like this gives me a lot of material for comedy, so I also welcome these new events for tangible reasons as well. Plus, I got to meet a ton of new photographers. They were very nice, inviting and had way better equipment than me. Oh well. I'll just keep growing with what I have.



At the end of work, I sat in an office with my co-worker guys, and talked about comedy. There are so many different styles of comedy that I'm unaware of. The subculture within stand up is amazing. If you have not been to an open mike or a comedy club, please try it. You might have to endure language and crude comments, but you'll get a social commentary into your neighbors hearts.
We are often disconnected from the society around us these days. Between garages and facebook, it is so easy to isolate oneself. This stand up comedy subculture is a unique insight into what people think is funny or offensive.