Ever wanted to learn something or conquer a challenge?

Ever want to do something just so you could say you did it? Become part of a unique online society that makes all these things come true.


Pick a challenge and Blog about it everyday for 30 days.

Example: I am going to do 1000 pushups everyday for 30 days.


In March 2010, I wanted to stay in touch with my friends in the States while spending a year living in Korea. We used to plan challenges and discuss our progress as a community (drinking 1-2 gallons of water a day, no showers for 10 days, etc.)

Since our lives and adventures brought us to different parts of the world, we decided to participate in personal challenges and document them through blogs for our friends to see via BLOGRIMAGE.

People have started companies, overcome depression, accomplished feats individuals never thought possible. It's been entirely satisfying going on this journey through the years with people.


Jumping Rope 1000-2000 times a day. No Driving. Learned New Languages. Started Companies. Intense Dieting. Recorded CD's. 800 Push Ups a Day. Spoken less than 100 words a day. Learned how to write left handed. Learned how to sling shot. Learned how to sing. Perform Stand up Comedy. Recorded Opera. Lived as a Minimalist. Drawings/Painting. Barefoot Running, And So many MORE!


If you are thinking about joining the Blogrimage, there are a few rules to follow!

1. Pick a 30 day challenge

2. Write about it Everyday

3. After writing your blog, share it on social media and put #blogrimage for twitter, facebook, instagram, 

Also post on our BLOGRIMAGE facebook group

4. Read and comment on other blogs (optional)

Click here for additional tips!

This year's BLOGRIMAGE starts March 1, 2019! Have too much fun with this!