What People Are Saying About Pradeepan

"Pradeepan carries contagious love for people and inspiring passion for God. I appreciate his friendship!"

Dominic Russo

 Speaker, Founder of Missions.Me

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"My friend Pradeepan Jeeva is a rare type of minister.  He is a man of both great vision and simple devotion. His heart burns for big things, but his hands are faithful with little things.  I am honored to call him my friend, and I gladly endorse him to anyone who values my input."

Mattie Montgomery

Lead Vocals of For Today, Speaker, Author, Revolutionary

"It has been a joy to know Pradeepan Jeeva for many years. He has an incredible anointing to take the gospel to churches, homes, individuals and nations. He walks closely with Christ, and spends his life to get the gospel out. I encourage you to connect with him, and partner with him in this mission."

Matt Brown

Evangelist, author, blogger and founder of Think Eternity



"Pradeepan is a solid man of God and hilarious person! I'm grateful for the friend he has been to me and I so appreciate his heart to help others!"

Paul Daugherty

Lead Pastor, VictoryTulsa

"Pradeepan Jeeva has been a young man I have watched closely and from afar. I have had great pleasure watching him grow in his gifts and his call. He loves God with all his heart, his wife with all his might and his youth with all he's got. He beams integrity, character and a passion for life. I am proud to call him friend."

Garth Heckman

Church Planter, Body Building Gym Owner, Lifting Record Holder, Author



"Pradeepan is a fearless leader that has a natural uncanny way of connecting with people from all walks of life. He's a one-of-a-kind communicator, who gets a kick out of tackling taboo and difficult subjects, and does it with ease. But beyond all this, he's an unforgettable friend who genuinely cares about people."

Albert Kiteck 

Film Maker, Musician (Audio Adrenaline, Sonicflood, Britt Nicole), Technology Systems Consultant

"I met Pradeepan when he was just a student, and I was immediately impressed that this was a person with a unique calling on his life. Since then, I've seen him pursue that calling with passion and integrity. Now God is using him to help Americans recalibrate their Christian faith."

Angie Schuller-Wyatt

Author, Wife of Godtube Founder, Daughter of Dr. Robert Schuller

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"Pradeepan is God’s chosen vessel to bring all generations to His Kingdom with God given Creative ideas. He is a dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic man of God with Passion for Christ. I admire his unique gifts he has and is using for His glory. He is a humble servant of God!"

David Phani

General Secretary of Youth for the Ethiopian Evangelical Churches Fellowship

"Pradeepan's personality is just as unforgettable as his name. His energy is magnetic, his delivery is masterful, and his passion for life and people is unparalleled. I'm honored to know him."

Paul Jason Klein

Singer and Song-Writer

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"Pradeepan has an incredible ability to communicate God's truth in a compelling and life altering way. His ministry carries a fresh message that will hit home every time. I believe Pradeepan will make a historic impact for God."

Jacob Ouellette

Church planter