Sri Lanka #1

Using the internet in Sri Lanka can be difficult.
You've probably assumed that I made it to Sri Lanka. Well done. This country is beautiful, and so are the people. Though, I haven't taken one of those beautiful people to be my wife yet, I have met my family for the first time. My heart was fuzzing warmly as I witnessed my grandpa dance while my cousin and I played music. Also, I felt pretty good when a Hindu lady fell to her knees trembling as I led her in a prayer of salvation. Just last night, my step dad Tim and I prayed for about 50 people. I'll go into more details later.
Just know that God is piecing my Identity together. The circumstances in Sri Lanka are causing me to feel deeply. Pray for me. As I'm getting more engagements to minister, I am having very difficult times with my mother. She tends to be the vehicle God pushes my patience, love and grace with. Praise God.
Anyways, I just thought I would let you look into my adventure. And even though I might not admit it in person, I miss you people as I would miss real people. God bless.