Sri Lanka #8 (The End)

Actual Last Lankan Post- Summer 2005
It's over. Perhaps, I could say that the impact of this rite of passage will last past August, but that's not fitting. It's over, and I'm glad. Glad that comforts will be available, and glad that I have been engaged. I thank God for this summer- He never told, asked, or commisioned me to Sri lanka, however, I give Him credit for all the times "unhindered joy!" was an acceptable exclamation.
I see two possibilites upon my U.S.A arrival (I leave July 25th).
1. Satan will attack his darndest, heh, and I will fall.
2. Satan will attack his darndest, and I will fall...and suck some carpet (prayer with the Christian God).
Please pray. This summer is a catylyst for something important in my life. Pray that the energy is focused in the right direction, for much of the Sri Lankan bi-polar tendancies have been refined in me. Believe me, I am not afraid of losing my salvation, but I've always fallen the hardest after God moved deep in my life.
If you have any last words, or prayers, please comment. When you serial killers of the LORD fight on my behalf through prayer/encouragement on xanga, I know that something is absolutely rocked in the Spiritual, and above all, I feel popular. Don't take that away from me.
Either way, thanks for such high grade friendships. In Sri Lanka, the foreigners I've conversed with have been quite impressive- NGO, Volunteer, Ministry, Stinkin' rich, and impacting people. Yes, God has brought incredible, giving people to Sri Lanka.
I still believe that my friendships are with the highest calibur people around. You people are freaking sweet. Maybe it's because Captivating is one of the only books I took to Lanka, but I'm starting to feel deeply. One of the first areas impacted, is my appreciation for you all. Would you please give God some glory and realize how rare you are? All people are special- not to me. On July 17th, Newsweek actually declared that "Pradeepan has been blessed with the greatest of aquaintances." If you are reading this, don't get distracted by lies, and take it to heart that I desire to be with you, that I love you. Many of you have taught me about true love and revealed aspects of the Father I profaned. I think a "thank you" is appropriate right about now: Thank you. Now you may give yourselves a "God Bless You."