Busking on the Streets

Busking: To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.

Last night, Jesse and I performed on the corner of Kiowa and Tejon from 8pm-3am. A lot happened.

We made $140 money cash.

Basically, we set up our guitars, two djembes and a lounge including the following items: Books (Redeeming Love, Manliness, Money Sex and power), two chairs, table, Ukranian flag, poncho, teddy bear, and chips).

I am thoroughly pleased with how many stories we acquired (as well as money cash).

Because there are so many stories to share, I am going to bullet point them. If you would like the more in depth and humorous story, let me know and I’ll write about it.

The general feel of the night did not revolve around music, though that is how traditional buskers busks. For the most part, we heckled people. We made fun of those who did not give and celebrated those who did. In all my days of life I have never seen anyone on the streets as aggressive as we were. Only by the grace of God did we not get beat up.

This is the list of our Busking adventures:
1. Stole a 17 year old girls busking corner (Cammy’s)
2. Got kissed by a girl with a sore on her lips (we didn’t know she was coming, but we turned our faces just in time)
3. Taught a group of people how to swing dance (Jesse used to be a swing dance teacher)
4. Swing danced with pretty girls dressed up for a formal
5. The drummer from the Desperation band joined us on djembe
6. Prophesied over two girls on two separate occasions (One girl began to tear)
7. Got a bride to dance
8. Almost got beat up (We accused a guy of dating his cousin)
9. Drunk guy threw a vodka bottle at us and then instantly disappeared
10. Random musicians awkwardly joined us
11. We sang 90’s hip songs with acoustic guitars
12. I rap battled Mr. J. Medeiros (This guy is on the same record label as the roots. I won because he refused to compete)
13. Drunk Scottish guy stole a dollar from us, but returned it
14. We accused men of not being providers because they wouldn’t give us a dollar (Some went back to their car to get us money!)
15. We received a tract (This made us angry because it looked like money)
16. Jesse and I pretended like were each other’s competition and said things like “Don’t give money to that guy—he was born with a trust fund"
17. As people drew near to us, we would stop playing and ask for a dollar


18. I asked if anybody would freestyle battle me, and this tall black guy came up and said, “I can’t rap, but I’ll give you a beat.” He began to throw down a horrible beat, but I started rapping to it. At one point, I realized he was really into what I was putting out there. So, I carpe diemed it (seized the moment). I started rapping choruses and having this guy repeat me. He would, and loved it. I’d say things like “Take your wallet out. Take your Wallet out,” and this guy obeyed everything I rapped. So I said “Put all your money in. Put all your money in.” This guy started thinking about what he was doing because he knew he didn’t want to give up all that money, but then I rapped, “Don’t even think about it. Put your money in. Don’t even think about it. Put your money in” and he did! He dropped a fat wad of cash. Then, I rapped, “It’s time to leave now. It’s time to leave now.” This guy actually obeyed everything I said and gave me all his money. Crazy. I bet this morning he wondered where all his money went. PTL!

Overall, it was a great night and I’m glad I did it. We made a lot of money and memories. If you’re interested in joining me, let me know. At all times, anything could happen. Sometimes only one person is watching, but then a group twenty surrounds you. It’s truly neat.

Back to the hotel tomorrow for 7am work!