Outreach Update

This is an email I sent out yesterday to the staff of Generation Church. It's pretty cool, so I'll let the internet take a peak.

Greetings Staff,
This email is just to let you all know what happened last night at Mitchell High School and some of the events leading up to it.
For the last couple of weeks, Ami has been doing an incredible job getting us into the schools. Basically, she talks and tries to work the legistics out with their staff everyday.
She got us a meeting with the Dean of Students on Tuesday Morning, so P.Jayde, P.Daniel and I went to Mitchell for that meeting. We shared our hearts, listened to his, and talked about how we could partner with the schools. At the end of the conversation with him, the Dean of Students began to cry as we prayed for him. It was a powerful moment and he asked if we would like to speak for 2-3 minutes at a Hispanic Family Night on Wednesday, as well as set up a table representing Generation Church.
This is quite amazing because the district specifically said we would not be able to advertise on any school grounds.
The Carillos, Joe, Carlos, Ami and I went there to speak and run our advertising table.
While we were there several amazing things occurred:
-Almost a month ago, 150 students were expelled for gang affiliation. This was the first event they were allowed back on the school grounds. We got to interact with almost all these kids
-Joe had been praying for an opportunity like this outreach and Ami called him within two days
-Everyone was super interactive with the students--our table definitely stood out in the group (we were the only group that had a table in the adult section and the distant youth section)
-Carlos intentionally smiled and pursued hard faced children. Many of them warmed up as soon as they received the warm greeting. This really messed with Carlos because he realized these kids weren't getting that kind of interaction at home
-We handed out free suckers and oatmeal cream pies. The people really wanted them!
-The school made us a banner to advertise! Amazing!
-Had several conversations with the principal and vice-principal
-Met several teachers asking if we wanted sponsors to get into the school
-One teacher asked if he could send "cutters" to our ministry
-Received prayer requests
These are just a few of the testimonies. It was an exciting and refreshing night. Thanks for all of your prayers.
I'm encouraged. We actually had our first ministry opportunity on MITCHELL!
We are walking in a lot of favor and I believe it's going to increase as we get closer to the plant.
Take that Satan!