Amreitha Update 2

how are you? i can't wait to catch up with life in America! thank you to everyone for your prayers. we feel them everyday!

first things first, we are safe. at least i think we are. all the internationals in the country have been encouraged to leave India. the day before the attack in Mumbai, we traveled 3 hours north of Hyderabad to a smaller village called Huzerabad. we are staying in a hotel here. Huzerabad is near where Leslie's father lives and lots of other families. the hotel is also near the Bungalow(where Esther raised us). we feel that we can finish our trip because we are in the small communities and covered by Les family. Praise the Lord for them! I personally freaked out a little because Dad is leaving today and it always feels better to have your dad around. :) but we will be fine.
yesterday on the way back to the hotel from visiting lots of family, one of our cars (mom and dad were in it) got pulled over and checked for bombs by "street thugs" as Augustine put it. not sure what that means totally. we are praying to stay low profile and the word doesn't get out too fast that there are Americans around....but at least we have good indian contacts.
i have been to mumbai. at the beginning of our trip, we got re-routed through there on our way to Hyderabad.

please pray that we finish strong. we are tired. and our bodies are rejecting indian food. we are ready to come home. but know there's more for us here and more for us to give in the next several days. i have done great at times and terrible at other times. the American ami has come out a few times and just wants a BURGER! and a shower. and cleanliness. i ran out of hand sanitizer yesterday. ha.

i have never experienced anything like this. large scale poverty is overwhelming. not that it's about me. but it has brought out many emotions. first compassion, now frustration. there is so much to process. i don't know how i feel about india at the moment or my connection with this nation. but i do love our new family dearly. during this trip, i gained 5 new sisters and 3 new brothers! and lots of in-laws! we have become very close to them and Kornel (Les father) and his wife. everyday we have found out new information and put the entire puzzle together of Leslie's story. it is more unbelievable than we ever thought!! i can't wait to tell you. in the past two days, we have met hundreds of family and friends. it's been wonderful and exhausting. we have been able to pray with them too and going to Kornel's church tomorrow morning.

i love you guys.
take care,