Is Obama helping a pro-life movement more than conservatives?

Ryan Conell left me this link as a comment to my last post.

I read this in light of a statistic I recently heard.

In Colorado Springs alone, we have 800 orphans.
800 children that have no mommy to tuck them in at night, get them ready for the day, or wipe tears away. 800 children that have no daddy to teach them how to fight, throw a baseball or hug.

Now, consider this.

Colorado Springs has over 1200 churches.

That's almost 2 churches for every orphan, but nobody has collectively stepped up. I haven't stepped up. Doesn't this seem unacceptable.?

Pastor Jayde Duncan mentioned this in a sermon last week:

As a Church, are we ready for Roe. V. Wade to be changed? If we can't care for the children in our own backyard now, what would we do with the overflow of a un-aborted children?

Here's the link Ryan left. Please let me know what you think.

Ryan, I want your response too.