CRAPPY MIRROR [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 7]

“And in terms of pure fun, there’s no comparison, either.”

Went on a walk with Amreitha and rummaged for furniture in rich Korean apartments. Second hand stores are rarely seen, so I think I now know where second hand furniture goes—the trash. She picked up a coffee table and I collected a crappy mirror (blinded earlier by excitement). I don’t like it, but my room is looking less and less like an isolation chamber (I have white floors, white walls, white appliances and white furniture).

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the rope with me. Oh well, I got a good 1,200 in my disappearing isolation chamber (see above).

After many tiring attempts, I completed 8 double-unders in a row! I am not sure if these are hard because of my rope (cheap Korean dollar store rope) or my inabilities. Either way, the challenge satisfies. So, I guess, horray!


1. 8 double-unders in a row
2. 165 revolutions in one minute (with one trip up)
3. 1 crappy mirror
4. 1200 or so revolutions


Jump rope is a sport, and is practiced at a competitive level for young kids or adults.