I WORE SHOES [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 4]

ROPE SPORT QUOTE: “Jumping rope Looks Really Cool.”

For some reason I said “you can’t kill time without injuring eternity” in the video portion of this blog. That phrase doesn’t legitimately apply to this blog unless you correlate it to “time flies” and then connect “flies” to the jumping in jumping rope.

Only on day 4 I considered taking a day off. Passion is so much easier than discipline. Don’t worry, I pushed on through. Like with not injuring eternity, discipline is something I want to work on (always). Discipline is the mark of the disciple. Though temptation comes, the commitment, and memory of why I started, is before my eyes. Another discipline in this journey is something I hope people steal—every time I make time to read a blog, I comment on it. Seemingly, Beth Stice has ventured on this as well (she comments and encourages on every blog I read before me!).

Speaking of discipline…

When managing my jumping time, I’m considering increasing the jump rope number to something unhealthy. I’m curious to see how far one can push his body before injury (in the world of jumping). Maybe it will make jumping rope more exciting for me and you? Who knows? Let me know what you thinky.


1. 6 Double-Unders in a row
2. Wore Shoes
3. Jumped with a full stomach of Korean BBQ
4. 160 revolutions in a minute (not sure if this is good or bad)
5. Jumped 1100 times


“Rope jumping is a simple activity that can be an excellent method of conditioning. This activity incorporates every energy system of the body, providing many fitness benefits.”