My First Korean Press Conference

“Are you able to take pictures of a famous American Musician?” said the text I got last night from my magazine editor. Beyonce, Guar, Sandy Patty and Justin Timberlake are a few of the artists I prepared to shoot. What a great opportunity--maybe Beyonce would consider critiquing my dance version of “Single Ladies,” I thought.

Turns out, I’d be shooting a press conference for Brad Little, a musical actor who has starred in Phantom of the Opera, Jekyl and Hyde, and Avatar (apparently this is also a musical). This man accepted the honorary ambassador position, sang a few songs with mayor of Daegu, and answered the musical-frenzied-fan questions and appeals to present bouquets of flowers.

By the way, Korean fans are passionate, obsessed and hilarious. Even the most respectable men melt into the giddy Korean girls I take pictures of.

The Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF), the organization sponsoring this conference lost their official photographer moments before the event. So, in addition to being the only foreigner, amongst Korean Dignitaries, I became the official photographer! Pretty Sweet. This meeting held important people from all over the region, and me. In addition, I got the chance to meet Brad Little and connect because of our ties to Meegook (America).

This proves that adventure lurks around every corner in Korea, unlike Beyonce.

Here are some pictures.