BORING [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 24]

Yesterday I broke some personal records and today I broke one. I jumped 510 in a row. This isn't a huge increase, and I'm positive I can do more, but my legs don't want to be pushed too much. They need all the rest they can get.

My top abs are starting to show and my torso is taking on more of a v shape. This is good. The lowers abs seem to be more resistant to change, but I'm not in a hurry. Right now, my loss of body fat seems to primarily change my upper abs area. Since I can't directly spot reduce, this is encouraging and perhaps my lower abs will show next.

I am excited to start lifting weights, and believe I found a good routine for jumping and working out.

Today I tried running and failed. My joints forbid me from moving in those ways. This is not a good sign. At least I know I'm pushing my self.


1. 510 in a row
2. Limited Soreness
3. 1200 revolutions