NEW RECORDS [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 23]

Greetings. Today saw much progress in me jumping. Surprising, considering the pain, that I was able accomplish as much as I did.

As far as body progress, I'm not seeing a ton--maybe it's so gradual that I'm just not seeing it. Since the BLOGRIMAGE started, I haven't done any weight training--just jumping and dieting with intermittent pull ups and push ups.

While In Japan I did not diet at all, and rightfully so. It'd be a shame to miss all that culture. By the way, if you haven't had Japanese Raman, you haven't had ramen. 

For the last week an a half I've been eating yogurt twice a day. It is said that yogurt with an active culture helps to lose weight and somehow spot reduces belly fat (though I find this hard to believe). The online reports are pretty consistent and so I've added this to my diet. 

Online reports are also consistent in weight training adding to fat loss. It speeds up metabolism and muscle burns more fat than fat (go figure). My journey for abs doesn't finish with this BLOGRIMAGE. Once this phase is over, I'll focus more on double unders, HIIT and weight training. 

It should be good.


1. 1300 revolutions
2. 44 double unders in a row
3. 500 fast jumps in a row
4. 1000 in under 9:30