RISING ART COMMUNITY [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 27]

What a great day!

Today I had a magazine photo shoot for an upcoming market in Korea. This market used to thrive back in the day, but now it's desolate with a few very old sellers and very old buyers. Because of its slow death, artists began buying all the inexpensive property. Musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, craft makers formed a group together to revitalize this market. They got government grant money and the media involved to get this market up on its feet.

With the presence of the old sellers and the young artists, this community has a rare blend of the older and younger generations--with not a lot in between. I love it. I watched little kids learn metal working, painting and sculpting from grandmas and grandpas.

I made new friends and great art connections. On top of that, two painters painted me! It's awesome. You should go. It's called the Bangchon Market.

Oh, I jumped there two. Even got some claps.


1. 1200 jumps
2. New friends
3. Art community portraits