Stand up comedy is hard! How do you even start a routine?

"Hello everyone! Who enjoys laughing? Great. I do too. Let's laugh together."

Not only is being funny on demand hard, there are hecklers to deal with--that's crazy. Anyways, for today's journey, I spent time researching stand up comedy. I asked some of my friends how it works and what they look for in comics. Then, I journaled about 20 or subjects for a routine.

Here are those subjects:

Sri Lankan family, music with hair metal mentor, living in Korea, Mennonite Indian girlfriend, college stories, working at a high school, Minnesotans, Fashion photography, Education, Grad School work, My old truck, My family trips to Sri Lanka, starting a band, girlfriend's job training, online education, being a boyfriend, french dining, getting a new roommate, boxing, cooking with my dad, the Church, Cultural assimilation, public order, applying for jobs, trying to eat healthy, the master cleanse, jumping rope, the future, and some others.

These subjects are the building blocks for a future set. I found out today that open Mike stand up routines last five minutes here. So, I have to do that.

Which subject should I choose?

Today, I performed at a campfire and it felt unnatural. Before I told them I was going to do "stand up" I told a lot of stories and got a great response. As soon as it was intentional, however, my whole setup got long and unnatural. I need to funnel my "natural humor," as my girlfriend said, and be myself. It was a start and recorded on the video above.

Okay! I got to keep writing. Let me know what I should write about.