STUDENT TEST [stand up comedy BLOGRMAGE: DAY 15]

At school, my debut video was presented to the entire school and supporting community. I really never thought that my students considered me very funny--we have entirely different backgrounds. Suburbs vs. Inner-city.

My students, to my surprise, really got into my stand up comedy, clapped and celebrated me after. A couple of students came up to me, shook my hand and said that my set killed.

This BLOGRIMAGE has developed a habit in me to constantly observe. I never know when I'll gain new material, so my eyes are open and my pen is ready to capture anything hilarious. It could be a thought, a comment or an event that triggers a hilarious joke process.

I'm looking for more open mikes and I will continue to perform.

On a funny note, I just got some cool photo opportunities. In a couple of weeks, I'm doing a shoot with the Miss Teen USA from MN 2010, two weddings in May, and a graphic design job for a non profit. I'm stoked about these "artistic jobs." They pay well, and I get to work art that I enjoy. Never thought I'd shoot A Miss Teen.