Though it was raining, I did a photoshoot with Nadyia Jawahir and Tina Simons in Rosemount/Lakeville today.  Thankfully, my friends at Gilmour Creative, let me shoot in their studio.

This model contacted me on Facebook to do a shoot about three weeks ago and we made it happen.

The studio was a very small room, but I got some good results with my strobes. I was nervous using a studio type setting because I've never done it before. I love shooting outdoors, but didn't get to because of all the rain. Every inch of that room was used thoroughly as we climbed over chairs, stands, and tables.

My strobes were placed carefully in corners of the room to prevent to much "spill" from the powerful lights. It took awhile to get the lighting to feel right to me.

And, of course, by the end of the shoot, the sun came out.

More importantly, I worked with D7000 for the first time. It's a great improvement from the D80 I've been using. They are both DX cameras, though the D7K is a huge improvement. Even though it can't compete, I still love my D80. 

The team worked really well today despite the tough elements.

We had a blast shooting, and I give props to all who were involved--especially my lovely girlfriend!

Here are some of the first edits.