Last week, Kouwai requested a couple shoot with her Fiance, which was perfect since I wanted to add "engagement" type shots to my portfolio. Unfortunately her fiance couldn't make it due a funeral scheduled for the same time.

We shot at the Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, MN. I live about 5 minutes from the place, bike by it everyday for work, but had no clue it existed. It's a beautiful area and a perfect place for a photoshoot or date (blind folded my GF and only took it off right in front of the falls for a surprise date).

Still getting used to the D7000. I feel like I have a few focus issues. Not sure if it's because of the backfocus stuff that some people had problems with or I'm not focusing with the camera properly. Not everything is out of focus, so I'm leaning towards it being my issues.

Anyways, shooting with Kouwai was a blast. She has a very unique look. She's a combo of African, Phillipino and Chinese. I hope we can shoot again.