CONSONANTS [Singing Blogrimage Day 13/30]


Sang a new song on the Mandolin. Not sure I applied my skills (it's late), but I'm not sure if I didn't either (it's late).


  • Talked to a good singer about techniques
  • Consonant Revelation


 I'm trying to plan out what my concert will be like on Thursday the 12th. It's coming soon. As a part of the recital, I want to do an acapella song--most likely the doxology. Still trying to get a venue for the show as well.

 As I practice and think more about singing, I'm seeing the reasons for some of the things I'm learning. For example, singers should not pronounce "ee" sounds like in cheese. This closes the throat and restricts open singing. Not only do I understand this now, I can feel it in my throat.

 Other things, like pronouncing Ts, I'm not sure how it impacts singing. One girl showed me her voice today and I loved how full her voice is. She keeps her soft palette up and doesn't really know how to sing otherwise. I want my voice to be full too! Still moving forward!