MANDOLIN AND PITCH [Singing Blogrimage Day 12/30]

9am Vocal lesson. Working on the Michael W. Smith song. Improving my breath support, consonants, and dynamics.
  • Lesson
  • Muscle memory is kicking in and things are feeling more natural

In today's lesson, I played Mandolin and sang, we watched videos of my past performances and we worked on the Michael W. Smith song. 

My coach thought I sang well in the videos and my live folk stuff was really good. That was encouraging, but when I hear myself sing, I don't think it sounds good. I'm not saying that in an insecure way. I hear pitch issues (going to flat or sharp). I hear a tone I don't like or a breath that doesn't last that long. 

Some stuff does sound good however. I think that the more I sing, and then listen to myself sing, the more I'll improve. I love getting the instant feedback that technology provides us with. 

I want to get one of those programs that visually shows your pitch.