MY NEXT GIRL [Singing Blogrimage Day 19/30]


This is how I'm learning the Black Keys song. I'm trying to get the timing, melody and tone down. This video is a little pitchy and not quite the tone I want.

  • learning songs for the concert

The concert is coming up, and I don't feel all that ready. I need to memorize all my songs, and become a decent singer in a relatively short time. Lately, I've been very busy between preaching, editing for my photography business and having a life. This has caused my vocal practice time to dwindle a bit.

I am, however, getting more and more comfortable with singing. Singing songs often feels right in my throat. It feels like I'm hitting the right note and able to project well. Watching on video sometimes confirms this or shows me great need for improvement. It's interesting how we have blind spots and sound differently to ourselves than the world hears.