SO MUCH TO DIGEST [Singing Blogrimage Day 7/30]

  • Practiced Michael W. Smith's, "Great is the LORD"
  • Watched Videos of my singing

My coach teaches in layers so that I build muscle memory. We first talk out the rhythm of a song, without singing the melody. Then, we singing one note of the song. After that we add the melody to complete the learning of the song.

With this in mind, we plan where to stop for airs of breath between verses, try to keep posture, jaw dropped, soft palette while the diaphragm slowly supplies the voice with support. 

There is a lot to remember! Right now, muscle memory has not kicked in. Everything seems slow and horrible.


This is my first take at singing this song with the track. It's kind of funny singing Michael W. Smith. My roommate, Ben Block, listens to his songs and we make fun of him for it. That makes this song even more funny.

I sound horrible on this take, but I'm glad I know it. I'm on pitch for the most part, but there are notes I'm not hitting. My tone is not exactly where I want it to be either.

Watching a video of yourself, I'm learning, greatly increases learning. We have so many blind spots! Whenever I preach a sermon, I try to listen or watch myself after and take notes on how to improve.

With this challenge, I will do the same, as well as starting sentences with the letter "w."