FINDING THE SWEET SPOT [Singing Blogrimage Day 22/30]


Singing  a sweet sweet melody. I like the way my voice sounds.


  • Voice lesson
  • Made progress finding my voice


I definitely fell like a better and more confident singer today than when I started. Today, I booked my concert venue, and completed my third to last voice lesson.

As I sang one of my pieces for the recital, I started singing a little high and breathier for a breakdown in the song. My coach smiled and urged me to stop singing. She said, "What is that? You have another singing voice." She loved this smoother, breathier voice and said it was warmer than any of my other "singing voices."

Other people have complimented me when I sing in this warmer style. I think it's my sweet spot. This is my strength zone, and I want to develop it. Her words boosted my confidence and confirmed the encouragement I've heard from others while in the sweet zone.

Hopefully I'll remember how to sing like that!