Speak, For Your Servant Is Listening [Video Sermon]

One of the reasons I'm so excited about ministry is moments like this. A whole row of girls crying, an altar full of hungry people, and God working in all of our hearts. This message impacted a lot of people in Highland, Michigan and I pray it will help you.

This is what the message is about:

 Many of us try to follow God, but we're not still sure how to hear His voice. He has the answers to all our problems, but most of our prayer time is spent with Him simply listening. While God is a great listener, in the same way He spoke the whole world into existence with one word, He can change our realities with one word. In this message, I challenge young adults to begin the process of hearing the voice of God.

Check out the Video below,


Speak for Your servent is listening Podcast from Josh Johns on Vimeo.