Selling Your Future For A Moment Of Pleasure

A man in the Bible sold his leadership position for a bowl of soup.

Many of us think we would never trade the opportunity to be a king or president for one bowl of soup.

But is that true?

In life, I've seen people time and time again sell their future for a moment of pleasure.

We don't have to live this way. There are 3 lessons that we can learn from the life of Esau, so our destinies are not sacrificed for a moment of pleasure.

I have a childhood friend that took calculus math classes before he was a teenager.

He was smarter than the rest of us, and had a great destiny.

He started skipping classes, getting high and partying as much as possible.

Now, he's dead.

Things don't always play out this extremely, but it did in my friends case. Instead of taking care of the talents he had, he started giving into moments of pleasure here and there.

This sort of thing happened to a guy named Esau in the Bible until he lost his destiny.

Listen to this sermon to learn from His Mistakes and understand the three reasons he failed.

What are you most tempted to sacrifice your destiny for?

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